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    [ Nova247 Sports ] 4 reasons Lionel Messi is Most Overrated Player OfAll Time { Number 3 will surprise you }

    The Barcelona star is great, no doubt. But is he as great as you think?

    1. If we rate player according to the mojo they bring to the game, Messi cannot ace Ronaldinho and Jay Jay Okocha. He cannot even come close to Ronaldo De Lima or Zinedine Zidane. No way.
    The Phenomenon: Ronaldo De Lima.

    2. If we rate players by the number of FIFA World Cup trophies, Messi would be in the same category with Yakubu Aiyegbeni of Nigeria who has never won one

    Aiyegbeni’s epic miss at the 2002 World Cup

    3. If we rate players based on nations cup liketrophies, Messi should bedoing ‘yes, boss’ to Cristiano Ronaldo.
    CR7 led Portugal to the 2016 European Championship title, something Messi has been unable to do for Argentina in South Africa

    4. If we rate players based on the number of goals scored, here’s how Messi would rank:Arthur Friedenreich – 1, 329 goalsPele – 1,281 goalsJosef Bican – 805 goalsRomario – 743 goalsGerd Muller – 711 goalsFerenc Puskas – 700 goalsEusebio – 621 goalsCristiano Ronaldo – 600 goalsFerenc Deak – 576 goalsMessi – 565 goalsBased on these facts, rating Messi above others players mentioned here is tantamount to overrating Messi.
    Messi is great. Sure. But is he the greatest? Is he better than Ronaldo?

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