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    [ Nova247 Gist ] READ EVER - E ADVICE TO ARTIST ( particularly to those under a label )

    Even Record labels kill artist dream why is because most of them don't allow them to be free to be able to bring out that deposit inside of them well my advise is if your an artist singer dancer comedian what so ever in ENTERTAINMENT if your not enjoying what you're doing or maybe you're not free in the LABEL,MOVEMENT,GROUP and so on then I bet you you're going no where the world is never gonna be touched by what you do stay back and have a better rethink not everything is entirely understandable and not everything is money if you know your destined mission and worth. So advise to all labels show your artist all the beauty they posses inside always give dem a second chance to make it easier let their laughter remind u how it should be and to every artist wake up no food for lazy Man or woman work hard well open that door of innovation so you can reach to the World in an EXCEPTIONAL way never work in any ones shadow if you fail if you succeed at list you live by your believe no matter what anyone take away from you they can never take away your dignity GOD BLESS ALL ENTERTAINERS LABELS MOVEMENT GROUPS AMEN.

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