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    [ Nova247 Poem ] Pain Of Child Birth

    Her back ached as she felt water slide down her legs.

    Disturbing sounds of agony were all she could make as she moved from contractionto contraction like the worse menstrual cramp ever she could no more feel her legs.

    Everytime she has a contraction,her lower back would slowly begin to sieze up like a bad intention.

    It felt like the muscles inside were slowly twisting harder nd harder until unbearable

    And slowly, it subsides unlike what she read in books, this was much more painful she fought the pain,worse it became she surrendered, it lessened.

    she felt her insides twisted, pulled & squeezed like getting caught at the undertow of a wave the waves of varying intensity.

    The middle contraction was hellshe felt her soul leave her body she tried a means of distraction by a swift imaginationof a waterfall.

    Damn! back to reality she was, as this means of pain relief proved floppy.

    She almost opted for an epidural.Was she ready for this? one question she couldnt answerPush! push! the nurse echoed.

    Its a girl...the nurse announced...the labour room filled with a baby's welcome cry.

    is this lady insane? she thought for a while.

    After nine months that creature had to be brought out, that have been nurtured.

    You can do it was all the look on her husband face said, his smile.Pushing seemed impossible as the whole of her pelvis felt it was made of breakable glass.

    The vaginal pressure,similar to a bowel movement. She gave the first push, like pooshe had to let it out.

    she gave the second time all her strength ina thrust!

    "She's worth it" was what went through her mind when she looked at her littlon..Joy illuminated.

    The pain was dere still,but wasnt felt.

    She had never seen anything as beautiful.

    Blossom Daniel is a student and writing poem is her hobby. She recently got featured on Exclusiveclue Face Of The Month.

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