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    SO SAD!! Couple Lose Newborn Twins In Car Accident, After 17 Years Of Childlessness

    A Nasarawa State -born couple , Shedrack and Mercy Audu are currently devastated after their twin children died in a fatal accident on Monday , April 17, while on their way to Makurdi, Benue State .

    Apparently, these couple have been childless for 17 years, and when they finally got the fruit of the womb , they gave birth to a set of twins on 7 th of November , 2016 , a boy and a girl.
    The children were christened Joseph and Philomena, but 5 months later , the twins were killed in an accident .

    Speaking to Sunday Sun , Shedrack , a lecturer at Nasarawa State Polytechnic said they went to Makurdi, on the invitation of his bosom friend, Fidelis Mbaka , to show him their bundles of joy.

    On that fateful day, the couple set out with the babies at about 10. 30am aboard a commuter vehicle , which took off from the Lafia motor park en -route Makurdi.

    A 911 vehicle loaded with yam coming from the opposite direction rammed into their vehicle while manouvring off a crater , killing seven persons on the spot including the 5 -month old twin babies . 

    Among the dead were the driver and four other passengers aboard the Toyota car in which Shedrack was travelling with his family .

    The couple , who were the only survivors were rescued and rushed to the General Hospital, Daudu , where they were revived and placed on intensive care for one week , before being transferred to the Dalhatu Specialist Hospital , Lafia , Nasarawa State capital. They were recently certified fit and discharged.

    My brother , life is worthless and meaningless to me now; I have surrendered my life to God. I am 50 years old while my wife is 42; we have allowed God to do His wish” , says Shedrack, as he told the story of his battle with childlessness before a breakthrough, but the joy was short -lived .
    “My twins were born on November 7, 2016 , and they died on April 17 , 2017 . I met my wife who is of Eggon extraction from Akwanga Local Government Area of Nasarawa State , in 1998 at the University of Jos where I was studying for my Master ’s degree in Business Management ; she was a student in the Theatre Arts department. We dated for a year and got married. Three years after our marriage , there was no pregnancy and we became worried; we visited Dalhatu Specialist Hospital for medical checkup and after a detailed examination , it was discovered that she did an abortion in 1997 through a quack doctor, which affected her womb.
    “From that time till 2016, we were in and out of the hospital trying to see how she could conceive to no avail . We were initially afraid that once she reached menopause, it would be a big problem; she suggested we go for in -vitro fertilization (IVF - test tube) where the eggs and sperm are fertilized outside the womb into test tube , but I disagreed. We remained faithful to God until February 2016 , when she conceived naturally and delivered through caesarian operation . We were extremely happy , but God has taken them away ” , he lamented .

    Shedrack, who hails from Lafia Local Government Area of Nasarawa State , also gave graphic details of the fatal crash, which claimed his babies .

    "As we were approaching Daudu in Guma Local Government Area of Benue State , a fully loaded 911 truck was dodging a pothole at the time our car was also negotiating to dodge it; the truck rammed into our car . My wife was carrying our female baby , Philomina, while I lapped the male, Joseph ; they died instantly as they were badly hit by fragments of the crushed car ; the driver and four other passengers also died on the spot , while my wife and I sustained injuries . We were taken to the Daudu General Hospital unconscious , but my twin babies who died instantly were taken to Lafia and buried by my younger brother who was contacted through my telephone

    Source: Sunday Sun

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