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    exclusiveclue - Interview with modeling sensation Adegbite Doyinsola Clarisse

    Adegbite Doyinsola Clarisse is a Model. She was born on June 17. She's into Facials and Commercials. She can wear any kind of heels.

    The interview continues below....

    Where did you originate from?
    Osun state

    Are you an Undergraduate?
    Yes! I'm an undergraduate. I'm a student of Les Cours Conou University, Cotonou, I'm studyingInternational Relations (200Level)

    What do you love doing apart from Modeling?
    I love taking pictures, and also travelling

    How did your Modeling career started?
    My modeling career started when i saw a picture on my sister's phone.. Even before then,i and my sister went for a birthday shoot and the photographer was like wow.. I love your skills

    Would you love to be a model?
    And I told him i would think about it. That was how it all started.

    What are you aiming for in your career?
    To be a famous model and a role model to the upcoming models.

    What's the best advice you've ever received?
    When they told me not to look at what people say.. That definitely,people would say negative things about me.. That i should just face my career.

    What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done?
    A village setting.

    Which five words would your friends use to describe you?
    I'm funny, jovial, i have a bad mouth, I’m emotional and I don't keep grudges

    What should people expect from you? People should expect the best from me

    Where can we follow you?
    Instagram @doyin_ceeola Facebook @doyinsola Clarisse Facebook fanpage @model Clarisse

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