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    Senator Ben Murray-Bruce Claims Most Of The Children Of Other Senators Are On Hard Drugs (Watch Video)

    Popular Nigerian Senator, Ben Murray-Bruce has made a shocking revelation as he alleged that most children of other senators are hard drug addicts.

    When I was in high school, a few of my classmates were on drugs. When I went to the shrine, I saw a lot of other kids on drugs.
    There is a reason why people gt on drugs. The rich kids get on designer drugs because it makes them high and it makes them happy.
    Poor kids get on drugs because there is a level of hopelessness in their lives. They feel hopeless and when the drugs make them high, it gives them some kind of relief.
    I urge my colleagues to go home. There is no way right now 109 colleagues of mine would go home and not find somebody in their household who is on drug

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