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    Download Sade Ade - I love you Lord

    Finally, I LOVE YOU LORD by SadeAde has been Released.Indeed When you talk about Grace, you talk about Adeyemi shade.Minister Sade Ade as she is popularly known hails from kwara State, Offa Local Government Area of Nigeria.Sade Ade attend Graceville Christian Center ( maitama ). She’s one of the Minister who realises the essence of true worship. Sade has bless millions of people in the world with her songs, ministrations, and also Evangelising within her
    Neighborhood..Sade received her gift of singing right insideher mother’s belly, she has Minister along side with some Great music ministers both homely and internationally, she has ministeralong side with SOLOMON Lange, and presently she’s still working with Lange.Indeed when you talk about Grace, you talk about Adeyemi shade, she has been a source of blessing to this Generation even to the people of Russian’s, below are pictures of Sade singing the Russians National anthem in Moscow the capital of Russian and one of the largest cities in the world…


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