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    Download mp3 : Befelow Uk-‘OGIRINYE’

    OGIRINYE-ARTWORK-NEW-STYLE-768x722 (New song) Befelow Uk-‘OGIRINYE’|Neeksnation mp3
    Nigeria has a very vibrant popular music scene that has come to reflect her cultural richness, and over the years this has
    translated into international recognition. With her huge population of over 150 million, the country offers a domestic
    market large enough to sustain and ensure the commercial success of most artistic endeavours, hence most popular artists
    fashion their music towards domestic needs. It is on this note the Befelow Uk, a famous benue Igede-born artist decided to modernize old ”Ogirinye”traditional dance to a modern vibrant tune. Check it out below.
    Download audio Befelow Uk-‘OGIRINYE’

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